Lingerie tips to help your wedding night go right

No matter what kind of wedding you’re having, and all the factors and expectations that may or may not come along with the wedding night, chances are that bridal lingerie will be somewhere on your to-do list. After helping thousands of brides-to-be pick out their perfect lingerie set, here are some tips for the brides out there:

1. Wear intimates you feel comfortable with

We can’t tell you how many women feel pressure to go over the top or perhaps more classy on their wedding night because it’s an important day, but we can tell you that the sexiest thing (and what your partner really wants) is confidence. Wear something that makes you feel confident and fun. Feel free to stretch yourself when it comes to bridal lingerie, but don’t feel the need to live up to some vague, amorphous expectations.

2. Wear something white-ish

We know we’re contradicting what we just said, but there’s a reason most of our Bridal Collection is in the white or soft pink range. A lot of women who just bring along something they already had, or wear a different color on their wedding night feel a mismatch from what the occasion offers. While you obviously don’t have to wear white, we find that most women choose white for their wedding night or wish they did in retrospect.

3. You don’t have to wear your piece under the dress

While we pride ourselves in the comfiest, bed-to-brunch intimates, many women find the prospect of spending their entire wedding day in high-end lingerie uncomfortable or a bit distracting. A little trick is to wear underwear you feel more comfortable in for the wedding and do a quick dash to the bathroom to change into your special piece.

4. Bring a couple alternative looks for the honeymoon

If you’re going on any kind of honeymoon, you’ll likely want more lingerie than just your bridal piece. We recommend bringing at least three looks: your white-ish wedding night piece, a darker piece, and a more colorful piece. Mix and match bodysuits with teddies and bra sets too. (Also, don’t forget the accessories!)



Janet 3 Piece Set
Fairy Tale Bodysuit

Love Story Cami

Georgia Pushup Bra Set

Vallerie Bra Set

Valentine Babydoll

Jeana Slip-Skirt White

Sweet Honey Bodysuit

Refuge Bodysuit

Crystal Studded Harness

Carmella Bodysuit
Goodnight Kiss Boyshort

Playdate Skivvies

Naomi Teddy

Jeana Bodysuit White

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